Ombak Rindu :'(

Ombak Rindu

This is an independent review. For the record, I did not read the novel Ombak Rindu prior to watching this movie.

I am not an avid fan of Malay movies, as I always feel cheated after the credit rolls. Up until yesterday, there are only two Malay movies that have succeeded in cheating my expectations (yes, I always expect – or rather hope – that Malay movies do mature with time). Hail Cicak Man and KL Gangster. I step into the cinema hall for Ombak Rindu with an open mind. I don’t like being slapped in the face by marketing propaganda. But Ombak Rindu struck me not once, but for the most part of its two hours duration.

The movie is jam-packed with plots and emotions. From the first second to the end of the reel, there are conflicts one after another. Although it’s normal (read: formal) for a Malay movie to have THAT kind of storyline, I’d say that this Ombak Rindu has that extra spices added to it. I am no chef so I can’t really tell about the spices used.

If I am a girl, I can assure you that I will be crying almost non-stop from the mid-point of this movie. Secret marriage, near-cancellation of a grand wedding, sleeping with a man who doesn’t love you (this may bring happiness to some), knowing that you are the third party in a marriage, being hurled as perempuan murah, there are just so many tears-inducing scenes designed for a girl. But personally, I despise the scene when Mail (Bront Palarae) jumped from his boat into the water to search for Izzah’s (Maya Karin) wedding gift, as I cried watching that particular scene. Only that one worked for me, so I’m not a girl. Screw you anyway, Osman Ali.

Besides the emotional plots, I like the fact that Ombak Rindu also has its funny side where people can actually laugh. I’m not talking about slapstick so-called humour of Abang Long Fadhil in KL Gangster or crummy-faced Adnan Sempit when he spit the “dalam hati ada taman” line. Its comic side are shown either spontaneously or being part of a dialog. It’s a good laugh when Hariz (Aaron Aziz) pointed to his swimsuit-clad Ibu (Azizah Mahzan) while saying “You look great.” There are also scenes where Hariz is questioning a cat’s name, Mila (Lisa Surihani) yelled to his “slutty” friend, and you should see Mila’s wig in an airport scene.

Overall, this movie exceeds my expectations. 3.754268 out of 5 from me. I would give it near perfect points if not for the lame-ass extras (again, the airport scene), oh-so-many plots cut-and-jump and that wig.

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Earth Hour wekwekwek…

What is Earth Hour? It is the hour where you turn off everything electric, no matter what. Conducted once a year. Meant to save the Earth in the long term. Aim to prolong the Earth life span. Yada… yada… yada… Sure there are benefits from Earth Hour but some people are taking it seriously (too serious) like the world is going to end tomorrow. You really need to relax, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

There is this one incident during college, where the chief warden switched off the building power from the main distributor board to ‘celebrate’ Earth Hour. At that 8.30 pm, I’m about to step into the toilet to defecate (Google Translate gave me this word). I cannot see the bowl! Cursing, I headed downstairs from that 4th floor to switch on the power, before going upstairs again.

As soon as I step my foot on the 4th floor, the power was out again. I went back downstairs to switch it on, and there he is standing, a small man they called chief warden. I said to him that I really need to go to the toilet, and I need some light to guide me. He said that it is Earth Hour. Unbelievable, this man! I argue that Earth Hour should only victimized unnecessary usage of power and my shit is important. He told me to light a candle. I’m glad that I have a religion to hold on to or else I would lose my sanity then and there. I yelled at him saying how on Earth can I get a candle at that particular time! He shut his mouth. I switch on the power, before running upstairs as I cannot hold my feces any longer.

Reaching my floor, the power is switched off again. Man, am I mad! But as I said, my shit is important so I went to the toilet anyway. It was not much fun, you know, s(h)itting in the dark.

OK, is that what Earth Hour should meant to be? Torturing people to stay put, sweating, talking with your buddies without seeing their faces? Asking people to defecate without able to see their feces? Hell no! Stop using the reason of improving relationship with your buddies. I have heard this one.

People should commit to Earth Hour voluntarily. Not even once I said that we should not participate. It is a noble idea, especially with the campaign this year urging people to continue their action beyond the Hour.

People should also ONLY switch off unnecessary usages of power. You do not want to switch off your head lamp while you are driving at this freaking hour. I also believe that you don’t want the server of Facebook and Twitter to be turned off. (Hey isn’t this unnecessary usage of your breath?)

I have a situation. You are in public toilet, and you just washed your hands. How are you going to dry it off?

Choose either one and you are a hypocrite Earth Hour maniac.

If you choose to use the tissue paper, you are contributing to the destruction of trees around the world. If you choose to use the electric hand dryer, you are adding up to the usage of electricity. Both options are against your undying Earth Hour spirit. Tough choices, aren’t they?

Now is the question. Does drying off your hands really necessary? I mean, REALLY?

Update: There is an advertisement on MIX fm saying that electric hand dryer uses 1/3 of the electricity used to produce tissue paper, plus there are no trees involved. They missed the trees that are drowned in the dam. Hey, that 1/3 should and could still be saved!

Nothing Wrong With Child Marriages!

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, said that underage marriage was “morally and socially unacceptable”.

“Placing the heavy burden and responsibility of parenthood on children can deprive them of their rights to a full and harmonious development,” she said.

So I guess placing the heavy burden and responsibility of parenthood on said children’s parents or rumah perlindungan could give them their rights back to a full and harmonious development. Free sex society development that is.

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Open Letter from Women to Men: We Want Gender Equality

In this modern world, we want to ask the male chauvinists to treat us as one of your peers. We deserve to be on the same level of you. We deserve to compete with you. And hell, we deserve to control you.

We are not stupid. We are not any inferior than you. Thus we want to ask you inferior being to treat us fairly. Confine sex offenders for probation forever. Send your male counterpart who menikah dengan budak bawah umur to the court. Keep the kaki pukul away from their wives. Do what we ask. Satisfy our demand.

While you are at it, we would also love to ask you to grant citizenship for children born overseas to Malaysian women married to foreign spouses. The ones belong to you koneks are awarded citizenship, so why should not we have the same privelege? Oh and not forgetting, women should not be, under any circumstances, caned, even with a 50 cents plastic ruler. We don’t care if that woman drinks or perform illicit sex. It is not fair if the men and women are being caned. We are talking about gender equality here. Only the men should be caned. That’s equality.

Men, after all, are always the source and center of problems. If a woman perform illicit sex, it is because she is being seduced by her partner. If a woman is caught drinking, it is a man who instigates her. If a woman is being punched or divorced, the public should back her because it is always about her husband. He could be a panas baran. Oh, and you chauvinist should go to Lombok to save the girls who are being kidnapped by their husband. It is not our fault that we have a small brain and easily conned. It is your Lombok counterparts who are guilty as hell.

We are waiting. The world is changing, but your mindset clearly do not. It would be wonderful if women are treated more fairly. Imagine a country where women being given opportunities as much as you men. Why shouldn’t we? We struggle as much, if not much harder than you. And then when we commit any wrongdoings, punish yourself. We do not want to accept any punishment. We should be spared from any means of justice or hukuman. We only want the good, and you take the bad. That is gender equality. I hope you get it clear by now.

Bullshit? Yes we are.